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Chronic Pain Clinic

Dedicated to people who suffer with chronic, persistent or non-resolving pain.


Chronic Pain Clinic

Here at the Lansdown Clinic we have a specialist clinic dedicated to people who suffer with chronic, persistent or non-resolving pain. So many people live with persistent pain, a condition which is often unpredictable, difficult to understand and therefore manage. Many people result in reducing or avoiding certain physical activities to protect themselves from making their pain worse.

Our physiotherapist Chris has a lot of experience in chronic pain management, using his knowledge of pain to help his patients understand their symptoms, what it means to them and why it has never resolved or reoccurs. More importantly, he works with his patients to help them restore their desired functional activities, using the latest evidence-based techniques to help them reach their goals.

The Lansdown chronic pain clinic can really help anyone who has had pain for over a year, has seen multiple different healthcare professionals, had investigations or even surgery, yet have been unable to resolve their pain.

Does any of this relate to yourself or someone you know?

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I feel my time with Chris has helped me recover hugely.

In the past I have been seen by several people in relation to my back injury, but I have never felt so comfortable or confident about someone like I did with Chris.

The way in which he approached my treatment injected positivity into me which I haven’t felt for 2 years due to the constant chronic pain I was in, after weekly visits to him I soon started to feel so much more supple and in control of my movement. I have since been able to reduce my pain relief and I am now able to carry out more strenuous tasks whilst at work like pulling pallets from the wagon and warehouse areas.

He has helped to change my mind set about chronic pain and I no longer fear the issues that my back / prolapsed discs pose on me. I tackle everyday tasks with confidence and through my time with Chris I have learnt to focus on my breathing which in turn helps to relax my body and spine helping me move more freely.

In future I will not hesitate to contact Chris for further treatment.
-Chronic Pain Patient

Meet the team

Chris Jones - Physiotherapist

Chris graduated from the University of the West of England with a first honours degree in Physiotherapy and is currently in the final stage of completing his MSc in Sports Physiotherapy.

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