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Pregnancy & Post-Natal Care

At The Lansdown Clinic we offer a range of treatments for pregnant and post-natal mothers and infants and children.



Chiropractic care is safe for both the mother and baby throughout pregnancy. In the first trimester, the baby is protected by the mothers’ bony pelvis and within the uterus and amniotic fluid. Later the growing belly is supported by the mother’s spine, muscles and ligaments. These should be balanced and in alignment in order for the mother to be comfortable.

Chiropractors will carefully position the mother with pregnancy pillows or use table variations to allow for the bump. Consideration for the mother’s relaxed ligaments is taken into account and specific adapted techniques are employed as the pregnancy advances. Chiropractic adjustments can be used throughout pregnancy to help the pelvic and postural muscles from over-working.

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“In my first two pregnancies I had suffered with quite severe pelvic girdle pain – to the extent I had been offered crutches during my second pregnancy as I found it extremely difficult to remain mobile. Because of my previous experience during pregnancy I sought out Chiropractic treatment in the hope of easing some of this discomfort. Tara provided excellent treatment throughout my pregnancy which not only kept me mobile but virtually pain free for the duration. I also believe the work Tara did to rebalance my pelvis aided in a quick and easy labour after two relatively long and protected previous births. I can’t recommend highly enough the care and information Tara provided” – Alex

Pregnancy and Baby Massage

Both baby and pregnancy massage will be undertaken by our qualified therapist Lynne Gardiner who is trained in Baby Massage and Massage for Pregnancy & Childbirth.

Lynne is a multi-disciplined Therapist qualified to internationally recognised VTCT Level 4.

In addition to offering massage to pregnant mothers and babies, Lynne also runs an Instructional Baby Massage Course, teaching parents how to massage their babies/toddlers at home. Baby massage can be very relaxing and fun for both parent and baby, and Lynne will always ensure that your experience is safe and enjoyable.

Lynne has been a practicing therapist in the industry for many years and her aim is always to provide a service to every patient which is second to none.  Her friendly manner, professionalism, approachability and dedication is evident in everything she does and this will enable you to feel totally at ease throughout your treatment.

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Pregnancy and Post-Natal Pilates

Pilates is a method of body conditioning that focuses on posture, breath control, flexibility, toning and strengthening muscles using slow, controlled movements.

Our Pregnancy Pilates class is currently run by Meg Walker, a specialised exercise instructor to pregnant and post-natal mothers, on Fridays at 12.45pm.

Meg is also a qualified breastfeeding counsellor and works with the National Childbirth Trust helping parents throughout the Five Valleys. Meg is also author of the book ‘Easy Pilates for Pregnancy’.

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